Artist Spotlight Romi Burianova and Behind the scenes. 

Lanai, Hawaiian Islands summer 2017 - Short video reel from photo shoot with Brielle Birkholm for The Lucky Honey. 

Lanai from romikw on Vimeo.

Ema Savahl Couture at Vizcaya Gardens BTS

Paris Fashion Week 2014

Behind the Scenes Time Lapse - The Sky is the Limit!

Melody Key | Private Island in the Florida Keys Time Lapse 

Epic Hotel | Miami Florida  Time Lapse 

Alma de Ojochal, Costa Rica Time Lapse

"The Life Aquatic" Photographic Exhibit @ TSKW 

The Goddesses Project 2014  Behind The Scenes Footage of Autumn Queen

Life Aquatic Exhibit Promo-  Underwater Photo Exhibit with Video Installation